Welcome To Rockville 2016 – Dyin 2 Live Dreams Experience
Check out our latest Dyin 2 Live Dreams recipient Katie Brodbeck from Jacksonville, FL. Katie is currently in the FIGHT against breast cancer having a double mastectomy just 2 weeks ago and will be starting chemo soon. Katie’s ‪D2L ‎DREAM was to meet and hang out with the boys from Pennywise at the Monster Energy Music Welcome To Rockville Festival. With their help, your donations, and our friends at Spencer’s we were able to make it happen. #‎LiveYourDream‬
The F C Cancer Foundation, a 501(C)(3) tax-exempt organization, finances its work through individual contributions, corporate donations, foundation grants, and planned gifts. It receives no federal, state, or local government funding. Dreams are granted regardless of the child’s race, socioeconomic status, religious beliefs or any other demographical category.
Dyin 2 Live Dream referrals come from parents or guardians, from members of the medical community, and from the cancer patients themselves. When a Dream Team first visits a cancer patient, they start with one simple question: “If we could make your dreams come true, what would it be?” Dreams usually fall into one of four categories: “My dream is to go to…”, “My dream would be to meet…”, “My dream is to be…” or “My dream is to have…”
The fulfillment of a dream creates something magical for the cancer victim when they need encouragement and joy the most. We make every effort to include the immediate family in the patients Dyin 2 Live Dream because watching a dream come true creates hope, strength, inspiration, and joy for everyone involved in the experience. We are dedicated to making every eligible cancer patients dream come true.
Dyin 2 Live Dreams is a program of the F C Cancer Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit organization.