Rori’s Disneyland Experience

Through our Dyin 2 Live Dreams program, we gave breast cancer fighter, Rori, a weekend getaway with her family & friends to Southern California’s very own, Disneyland! A carefree day full of laugh’s and fun is sometimes just what the doctor ordered.

“Going through a cancer diagnosis is never easy, and throwing in a global pandemic only made it that much harder.

Not only was it difficult for me, it also brought up so many emotions for my husband. Watching his wife fight cancer and wrangling the demons from when he too went through his testicular cancer battle, made life severely complex.

Cancer never stops trying to take power away from you.

Thanks to Fuck Cancer and their Dyin’ to Live Dreams program, my husband and I were able to put life on hold for just a little bit. All I wanted after treatment was to forget about what just happened to me for awhile. To really LIVE and not feel the weight of cancer on my mind.

Being able to tap into my inner child and be so carefree at Disneyland was a dream come true. I ate whatever I wanted, threw a tantrum, took so many pictures, almost threw up from the crazy rides, and laughed my heart out.

Enjoying this time with my loved ones was utterly priceless.

Dyin 2 Live Dreams is a wish-granting program committed to helping those who are currently in the fight against cancer by giving them a one-of-a-kind “VIP Experience” that may be a source of hope, joy, and inspiration while they continue in their fight against these terrible diseases, and this was definitely a VIP Experience.

Life really is worth fighting for.” -Rori

Rori has the true Fxck Cancer Warrior spirit and is an inspiration to everyone in the fight. Check out her Instagram (@foobsandfitness) and show your support!