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A few words by Brandon McGuinness, Founder of the F C Cancer Foundation… “Some would describe me as a person just looking for a good time… funny, wicked sarcastic, and mostly big hearted. In October 2004 I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, affecting my immune system and blood cells. Since then I’ve been through 3 surgeries, tons of test, 6 months of chemotherapy, 2 months of radiation, and all the other shit that comes with this ordeal. Currently, I am still battling cancer by frequent trips to the doctors, doing weeks of hospitalized chemotherapy sessions and other emotionally wrenching experiences. I am planned to go through a bone marrow transplant soon while currently conditioning my body with heavy chemo, more radiation, they say hospital for a couple weeks. You know people say we’re special, those that have cancer. I don’t want to be any more special than you… And deep down I know I’m not. Things happen for a reason and my reason is to spread the word, give my support to other cancer patients, and take time to realize why I am here. I have the best friends, so prompt on each and every one of them. My life has changed, but the way they treat me hasn’t. I’m not one for sympathy. I’m still here doing everything I used to. I’m high, on life. Life is too short… You never make it out alive… So I’m going to do my best and live like it’s my last day every day… People ask me how I deal with it so well, “I DON’T KNOW” I say. I just carry on with life and do things that take those thoughts of cancer away. The less I think of it, the less it bothers me… But not saying it doesn’t get to me would be a lie when it does, “IT DOES”. But deep down I know I gotta keep movin’… How would you deal with it??? You will never know hopefully… When all is said and done, I have tried to be the best I can and those who know me, always will. I’m here to support those who have cancer or have had family or friends dealing with it. I would like to give a special thanks to all my family and friends for all their support… All the McGuinness’, my pops & mom, uncles Mike, Kevin and Aunt Patti. Cousins Mugs, James, Christie, and Chad Cox. They have been behind me 100%. I love my family… I’m blessed to have all my supporters that care. I can’t thank you enough.”

Brandon Sean McGuinness passed away December 12, 2007


Cousin of Brandon McGuinness, former professional snowboarder, avid surfer, and entrepreneur, Mugs has dedicated his life’s mission to the future of the Foundation.


Friend of Brandon McGuinness, a supporter since the beginning, and with a professional background in marketing & business development, Brandon has made the mission and success of the foundation his personal life’s focus.