Dyin 2 Live Dreams

Implemented in 2011, Dyin 2 Live Dreams is a wish-granting program committed to helping those who are currently in the fight against cancer by giving them a one-of-a-kind “VIP Experience” that may be a source of hope, joy, and inspiration while they continue in their fight against these terrible diseases. Through our extensive network of friends, supporters, and partners, we put together our VIP Experiences, focusing on select music festivals, concerts, and sporting events throughout the year. We take our Dyin 2 Live Dreams recipients backstage and behind the scenes at these events to meet their favorite bands, artists, athletes, and celebrities. Meet-and-greets, signings, watching their favorite bands side stage, backstage access, media interviews, photo ops, and more are all apart of the VIP Experience! Our Dyin 2 Live Dreams recipients walk away from the experience with the will and determination to continue in their fight against cancer. We want to show them that life is worth fighting for and that no one fights alone.

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