Survivor Dog Tags Supports Fxck Cancer

In this collaborative mission between Survivor Dog Tags and Fxck Cancer, our goal is to unite in the fight against cancer by providing strength, courage, and hope to those battling this disease. Survivor Dog Tags aims to empower individuals through their struggles, offering a tangible symbol of resilience. By partnering with Fuck Cancer, we strive not only to raise funds but also to increase awareness for cancer education and prevention initiatives.

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Skin Cancer Awareness

As May unfolds, we are reminded of the significance of prioritizing skincare for overall health and well-being. Skin cancer Awareness Month provides an opportunity for education and empowerment towards prevention and early detection. Prevention lies at the heart of our

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May is Brain Cancer Awareness Month

May marks Brain Cancer Awareness Month, a time dedicated to raising awareness about this devastating disease and empowering individuals to take proactive steps toward prevention. Brain cancer, although relatively rare compared to other forms of cancer, carries significant impacts on individuals and families.

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Disneyland Experience for Hailey

We can’t stress enough the importance of advocating for yourself and for your loved ones. In this case, mother Karla’s life was saved by her persistence of insisting doctors take a better look at her young daughter Hailey when she just knew that something wasn’t right. After years of being turned away and having her concerns belittled, it was discovered that both her daughter Hailey and herself had cancer. 

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Fxck Cancer February Campaign

Thanks to you all, we’ve reached our goal plus some! Thanks for your support!

We are taking over February for our cancer fighters and introducing Fxck Cancer February! We are dedicating this entire month to giving to our fighters and supporting them with a one of a kind “Fighters Kits” to help uplift them in their battles with cancer. Get involved, take action, and sponsor a kit in February!

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