Fuck Cancer raises awareness and educates about prevention and early detection.  Our goal is to save lives by putting an end to late stage cancer diagnosis.

Through our National Awareness Tour, we travel across the United States waving the Fxck Cancer flag and shouting Fuck Cancer at the top of our lungs!  We put ourselves in front of close to 1 million people every year by activating our Awareness Booth at music festivals across the country.  Our primary focus being cancer awareness, education about prevention & detection, community support, fundraising, and executing our Dyin 2 Live Dreams program.

But we aren’t done yet.  At every stop of our Awareness Tour, 100% of the proceeds from our fundraising efforts are given back to the local community in the form of a donation to the Oncology programs at the local children’s hospital.

Together We Fight.  No One Fights Alone.  Fuck Cancer.