Grinds x Fxck Cancer – WORLD NO TOBACCO DAY

From May 31st – June 7th, we’ve partnered with our friends at GRINDS Coffee Pouches for World No Tobacco Day and they’ve shown their commitment to fighting cancer by helping you ditch the tobacco & nicotine with their Limited Edition Fxck Cancer Sweet Mint Coffee Pouches! A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this can will benefit Fuck Cancer.

Ditch the tobacco and nicotine… get Grinds!

Tastes like: Bold fresh mint, sweet-tasting vanilla

Recommended for: Tobacco Users, Gum Chewers, Mint Fans

Pouch Type: MOISTURE-LOCKED ‘DRY’ POUCH – less messy, longer lasting flavor

– Each Grinds pouch has enough caffeine for 1/2 cup of coffee
– Each can contains the caffeine equivalent of 9 cups of coffee
– Each can comes with approximately 18 pouches