Dyin 2 Live Dreams Ironman Championships VIP Experience with Cathy

Thanks to the amazing efforts of the Fxck Cancer Triathlon Team, we were able to bring breast cancer fighter and triathlete, Cathy Martinson, to Kona, HI for the 2018 Ironman Championships for an all-access VIP experience she won’t soon forget.

Special thanks to the following partners, sponsors, and individuals for helping make Cathy’s experience special:

Fxck Cancer Triathlon Team
Cathy Martinson
Sean English
Sean Watkins & Heather Jackson at Wattie Ink
Johnny Vu at Rudy Project
Bob Babbit
Francesca Genari & Marc Lees at Race Day Wheels
Jayson Williams
Pete Parker

Dyin 2 Live Dreams is a program of the F C Cancer Foundation, 501c3 nonprofit organization.

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