National Nurses Week May 6th-12th


#FuckCancerFRIDAY Today we say, Fuck Cancer for all the nurses who stand by our side during our FIGHT! #NationalNursesWeek

FxCK CANCER Warrior Larkin Rodriguez – “I wrote this a few years ago for Nurses Appreciation Week and I wanted to re-post it because Nurses never get enough recognition. Not a day goes by when I don’t think about my nurses who were by my side throughout my journey. I love each and every one of you.

“My Nurses = My Angels”

“So, I was just reflecting on and recounting the events in my life within these last few years & I wanted to take the time to acknowledge and appreciate some people who truly are those who helped me through. I’ve been incredibly blessed with the support and love from my family, from all of my friends, and all of you on facebook many of who I don’t even know. But these are the people who literally carried me through the toughest and hardest times. They are the nurses, the Angels on earth. They are the one’s who are at your EVERY beckon call, who are there for you even if you don’t want anyone around. They are the messengers & advocates between you and the doctors, especially during the phenomenon when symptoms disappear once the doctors come around and then reappear when the doctors leave haha. They are the ones who keep the doctors informed about your well being, tell the doctors when you need something else prescribed. They are the one’s who administer the chemotherapy. Who put their own safety at risk when handling these chemicals. The doctors prescribe the chemo’s but the nurses are the one’s administering the poisons. They are the one’s who console you when you are scared. They are PURELY selfless individuals who only care about the well-being of others. They literally carry us mentally, emotionally, and physically. They are the one’s who roll up their sleeves and do the dirtiest of work. Who sift through poop, administer bedside enemas (during one of my chemo stays I shared my room with a 90 year old woman who wouldn’t crap so they administered 3 bedside enemas… yea that’s rough), they pour out bedpans, measure pee, wash you down, clean throw up off you, put catheters in… and so forth, all the while doing so in a loving manner making you feel un-judged when you are at your most vulnerable point of being. They truly are Angels and workers of God. They lift your spirits up when you feel down, they check in on you when you feel alone. The nurses are there with you literally day in and day out… during my in-hospital stays and then out of the hospital during my daily trips to the BMT unit at the infusion center. I can go on and on and on because I can’t say enough about all the wonderful things nurses do, and how incredibly amazing they are.

So, I just wanted to really give the credit where credit is due and take the time to fully and completely thank ALL my nurses from 3-West and from the BMT unit at the infusion center. I love you all SO incredibly much. I will forever be in debt to you and your kindness. I believe that I am here today and made it out of my fight because of you and your un-measurable generosity of human compassion. You are the true miracle workers and bearer’s of the light for us during our darkest moments.”