Remembering a warrior…

When we think of the words grit, determination and strength we think of Tomi Tsuda also known to many as “Uncle Tomi.”This warrior had beaten all odds over and over again by the strength of his will power, the support of family and by the love for the ocean. After beating pancreatic cancer he was later diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and LIVED his last days by his mantra of; “Never give up, Never give in”.

Tomi was a pillar of strength for so many that were fighting for their lives by sharing his story. He provided hope, motivation and courage to so many warriors. Here is Tomi’s story, in his own words, from last November (2022). The world lost Tomi this past March (2023) and we all miss him dearly but will keep his memory alive here forever.

“Nine years ago I was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer . But after 6 surgeries 2 months in the hospital and a lot of help I survived and with a lot of hard work and desire I had 4 good years all things considering and even started surfing again . Five months ago I started losing a lot of weight fast, yup the boogie man came back and I now have terminal lung cancer. It knocked me down pretty good and I am back doing chemotherapy again, which honestly was a Hail Mary. But it’s working and it was hard but with alot of desire I am able to go surf again and it feels great. The Ocean is healing and I was even rejected by the ocean at one time because of the effects of chemo. But I’m lucky enough to live on Maui and the ocean is so healing and I love it more than anything …… except Naomi.

#TogetherWeFight #NoOneFightsAlone #FuckCancer