Fxck Cancer Triathlon Team

The Fxck Cancer Triathlon team is led by dedicated triathlete and long time Fuck Cancer supporter, Jayson Williams.  For sponsorship inquires, questions, and more info, send him a message by clicking here.

A few words from Jayson…

“Cancer is a disease that everyone has in common, we have all been affected by this terrible disease in one way or another. So, I started this triathlon team to help others going through the pain and suffering caused by Cancer. I have joined up with the guys at Fxck Cancer to help us make this team as strong as ever and with their partnership we are going to help a lot of families. Our mission is to help at least one family per year until we are big enough to help multiple families!”

Support the team’s efforts!  Donate to the Fxck Cancer Triathlon Team Fundraiser by clicking here.

One One Fights Alone.  Together We Fight.  Fuck Cancer.