Frog Song Farm x Fxck Cancer

Our friends & supporters at Frog Song Farm Organic & Natural CBD products are getting involved and supporting the Fuck Cancer mission. By using promo code FCCBD at checkout at the Frog Song Farm online store, you’ll be supporting Fxck Cancer and saving 10% off your Frog Song Farm CBD purchase! Proceeds will benefit the awareness and support programs of the F C Cancer Foundation. #TogetherWeFight


A few words from our friends at Frog Song Farm…

“Today we are more connected than ever; through the internet, social media and our phones, everything is only a click away. But the real things that connect us, the things that make us human haven’t changed much in the modern day. The highs of love and hope along with the lows of pain and despair. In cancer we find pain and despair but it has connected us all and united us in a common battle, one we fight with love and hope. As a company our mission is one of hope as well; it is to help people regain life’s possibilities, to help provide products that offer relief to those suffering from pain and give them back a sense of vitality and life. We are deeply honored and excited to be partnering with Fxck Cancer and proudly say: “No one fights alone. Together we fight. Fuck Cancer!”

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Thank you for your support!