Survivor Dog Tags Supports Fxck Cancer

Our friends and supporters over at Survivor Dog Tags have created these unique jewelry pieces to honor and empower cancer warriors and their families by offering a symbol of strength, resilience, & unwavering courage. Proceeds from the sale of these special pieces on benefit Fxck Cancer through July 2024.

“In this collaborative mission between Survivor Dog Tags and Fxck Cancer, our goal is to unite in the fight against cancer by providing strength, courage, and hope to those battling this disease. Survivor Dog Tags aims to empower individuals through their struggles, offering a tangible symbol of resilience. By partnering with Fuck Cancer, we strive not only to raise funds but also to increase awareness for cancer education and prevention initiatives.”

Aron Turon, Founder

“At Survivor Dog Tags, we understand the profound impact cancer has on individuals and their loved ones. Our mission is to offer a tangible symbol of strength and courage through our customized jewelry pieces, allowing survivors and their families to carry their stories with pride and dignity.” -Aron Turon, Founder & CEO