Scream! For The Cure

Scream! For the Cure is a multi-author, multi-genre auction to benefit Dyin 2 Live, a wish-granting program of the F C Cancer Foundation whose purpose is to try and enrich the lives of those fighting cancer by offering them an experience that will bring hope, joy, and inspiration.

Starting October 2nd, one basket a week (either real or virtual) will be up for auction. The baskets are Erotic romance, Adult & YA Paranormal romance, Horror & Suspense, Urban fantasy, and science fiction/fantasy (to keep with the “scream” theme). Baskets will be comprised of books/e-books and author swag. So far, we’ve got a LOT of awesome authors donating and participating!

This space will also be used for people to post their own experiences with cancer. We’re all about raising awareness and fighting for a cure!

For more information, please visit: